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Carpet Trouble Shooter PT.2


Soiling is useally the result of local condition to which the carpet has been subjected to or maintenance or luck of maintenance programme. There is nothing we as manufacturers can do to prevent soiling in use. There are several types of soiling which are quite common:

Spillages - Liquids suck as soft drinks cordials or any drink which contains sugar, Particularly hot drinks is likely to leave a stain. In suck instances, Professional help should be sought

Shampoo - if incorrectly applied, can leave sticky soap residues in the firbies which can result in the soiling reappearing quite rapidly

Dust - Which is carried on draughts can soil carpets in various ways. apart from the previous soilied edges, at gaping skirting boards for instance. Dark lines appearing on surface might suggest airborne dust vacuum-drawn through poorly fitted floorboards. Sometimes the shape of the floorboards can be seen quite clearly Air borne dust sometimes shows itself as spots on the carpet, this is due to the air carried on a draught under the carpets escaping though minutre holes both in the underlay and the carpet, leaving dust deposited on the pile much like a filter action. In such installations, the use of a lining paper is essential as preoperative measure.

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Carpets do not produce static but like other household fabrics and objects have the capacity to store it, Static is caused by the build up of static electricity upon personnel in a dry environment and is discharged when a person makes contract with an object which can conduct electricity (i.e door handle, or filling cab nets, ect)

The static charges will vary in intensity depending upon the individual air humility and the contact materials. Static is more usually associated with synthetic materials as they drop not retain moisture very well but it can and dose occur with wool in very cry room conditions

Preventative measures include the introductions of moisture into the room or in carpet treatments


Flattening will occur as a result of traffic which eventually flattens the pile particularly in the main ares of use.

All pile fabrics will flatten to greater or lesser degrees dependant on the amount of traffic to which it is subjected and the construction

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